This website is still in development! If you find any bugs or have any feedback, please contact us.

About Us

RIT eSports is a student run organization within the Rochester Institute of Technology, with the goal to facilitate the development and growth of gaming talent on campus. We are one of the fastest growing organizations on campus, with over 70 active players across our teams. Teams currently include games such as, League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Counter Strike, Starcraft, Rocket League, and Dota, with even more on the way soon. Whether a team wins or loses, we pride ourselves on our constant state of self-improvement, whether it be as players, students, or local citizens. We pride ourselves on teamwork, leadership, and determination, modeling ourselves after both professional eSport teams and traditional collegiate athletics programs. Because of our traditional inspiration, as well as our unique campus composition, we believe that RIT can become the #1 college in the world for competitive gaming within the next few years.

How to Join

Currently, signups for player positions on any of our teams are not open to the public, however we will be making announcements about tryouts at a later time in the semester. Currently, positions such as managers, coaches, streamers, and casters are available. Please visit our contact page, and shoot us an email whether you believe you would be interested in any of these positions, if you have an existing team on campus who wishes to join us, or if you would be interested in creating a team which does not yet exist.

That's It?

For now! We’ve only just started, so there’s plenty to look forward to! Keep checking our website for up to the minute information on all of our teams, as well as new features (such as team pages) coming soon! Interested in what RIT eSports is doing in the future? Make sure to follow us on all your favorite social media platforms by clicking the links below! Also, don’t forget to check out our Discord server!